Folder Gluer Machine Feeder Belts

Folder Gluer Belts… Perfect offers Folder Gluer & feeder belts for packaging & gluing machines, box folding & corrugated cardboard industry. These belts exhibit: High co-efficient of friction for exceptional gripping High dimensional stability High resistance to abrasion, oil & solvents. Folder Gluer Machine Feeder Belts     Technical Specifications Grade Construction Traction Layer TotalRead More

Kodak Computer to Plate Machine Belts

Umar Farooq Belting have always been curious to solve all it customers problem they face in belting or running their machines. One of our customer was facing problem in their CTP machine. Their original belts were damaged and no backup were their on Kodak Computer to Plate Machine Belts. We were requested to install Kodak Computer to Plate Machine BeltsRead More