Food Conveyor Belt: Advantages of Using Pillow Cleat Conveyor Belts

Packaging fragile fruits and vegetables is a delicate process. As we all know, tomatoes, apples, and oranges bruise very easily. At the store, cosmetic characteristics of all these products is critical because customers will not buy “ugly food”. Since many of these delicious products are round or odd-shaped, conveying them from bulk shipment bins to the finished package throughout your facility produces a unique challenge

Pillow cleat conveyor belts were invented specifically for processing fruits, vegetables, and eggs. Traditional cleats have sharp corners, are rigid, and destroy soft food as they convey it up necessary incline applications. Pillow cleats on the other hand are soft and conform to your product.  They can be placed on any spacing and are perfect for bulk incline applications or maintaining critical spacing requirements.

Soft Pillow Cleats