Impact Recovery Bollard provides a highly visible effective posts which is suitable for a number of various areas. The flexible post offers a high impact functionality which makes the post extremely resistant to impact from vehicles, including cars, forklifts and HGV’s etc.The bright reflective stripes make the post highly noticeable to drivers in the vicinity, highlight areas that may be restricted to private access. Ideal for use is used in car parks, particularly in multi-storey or underground. Excellent for areas that deters public vehicles from access, allowing larger vehicles such as ambulances to drive over them with ease. The post comes complete with 3 fixing sets suitable for concrete or tarmac installation with pre-drilled holes on the base.Dimensions:

  • Height: 750mm
  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Base width: 200mm
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  • Impact recovery bollard 750mm (H), 3 bright warning reflective strips
  •  Ideal for road demarcation or delineation
  • Quickly springs back into place upon impact
  •  Highly durable, withstands being run over by vehicles
  • Quick & easy to install, bolts included