Spindle Tape

Umar Farooq Belting offer Spindle Tape constructed by Polyester or Poly-amide. Spindle Tape is one of the most common requirements by Textile (Spinning) clients for their ring frames double twisters for two, four or eight spindle drives for regular or highest speed. 

European, Indian & Chinese Spindle Tape is available and can be supplied or indented upon request from specific territory or manufacturer.

Why you should buy it from us…

  • Constant speed
  • Nearly zero Slippage
  • Saves electricity
  • Longer Life
  • Custom Widths 11, 13, 15, 25 mm
  • Easy Jointing
  • Non-sticky to aired cotton particles
  • 100% Confirmed after sale services

Siegling Extremultus spindle tapes are designed for classical ring spinning frames and double twisters with two, four or eight spindle drive as well as for the newest high-speed ring spinning frames and high performance twisters.

Siegling Extremultus spindle tapes have

  • a permanent antistatic property
  • coating on pulley face made of wear-resistant polyurethane
  • impregnated, wear-resistant fabric construction on the wharve face

The new high-efficiency spindle tape UT 8E with an energy-saving tension member of a new type of high-strength polyester blended fabric (E) can transmit an exceptionally high amount of power. This ability makes it suitable not only for high-speed ring spinning frames with spindle speeds of up to 25,000 RPM but also for the heavy twisters for synthetic yarns.

The two-ply standard spindle tape UT 5P with its strong but flexible tension member of polyamide blended fabric can be used for the transmission of larger amounts of power, even under heavy-duty operational conditions.