Conveyor Belts Chevron

Excellent physical property of rubber, high adhesion and fatigue resistance Integrated vulcanized cover and cleat rubber prevent the chevron belt cleat from coming off. Better cleat rubber property and abrasion extend the useful life Its adjustable design for various chevron conveyor belt by incline angle from range of 16º – 45º. Excellent drainage character. MAKERead More

What Are Plies and Ply Adhesion?

Some conveyor belting is manufactured with one ply of fabric. This fabric layer can be coated with rubber, polymer or elastomer. Yet, most conveyor belting is manufactured using two or more plies of fabric that are adhered to each other by using inner layers of rubber, polymer or elastomer. In addition, there can be topRead More

How V-Guide Strips Can Help with Belt Tracking

To assist with positive tracking, a guide strip(s) is often used on the pulley side of conveyor belts. V–guides are the most common shapes used. However, square and rectangular shapes are also available. In addition, Sparks has designed and developed round dot-guides for traveling over very small pulleys. .Tracking assistance is often required on: Short,Read More

The Purpose of Textiles in Conveyor Belting

Conveyor belts are the driving force in conveying operations. There are many different types and materials for the abundance of applications in the market. However, there are a few different textiles that serve an important purpose in conveyor belting. Purpose of Textiles in Conveyor Belting Provides Strength for Tensioning Provides Strength for Handling the LoadRead More

Folder Gluer Machine Feeder Belts

Folder Gluer Machine Feeder Belts Folder Gluer Belts… Perfect offers Folder Gluer & feeder belts for packaging & gluing machines, box folding & corrugated cardboard industry. These belts exhibit: High co-efficient of friction for exceptional gripping High dimensional stability High resistance to abrasion, oil & solvents. Technical Specifications Grade Construction Traction Layer Total Elongation MinRead More