3 Specialty High Temperature Conveyor Belts for Extreme Temperature Applications

When it comes to applications involving extreme temperatures it is important to give special consideration to the type of conveyor belt being used. High temperatures can cause serious damage to a conveyor belt making selecting the correct thickness of the cover a necessity.

At Sparks Belting, we have 3 specially designed high temperature belts to withstand extreme high or low heat.

1. The SR 25 Red Silicone Belt

SR 25 Conveyor Belt- Sparks Belting

The SR 25 is a thin yet strong belt that is ideal for heat sealing machines, shrink tunnels, automatic weighing and food conveyors, and food applications. It is made with fiberglass which gives it a very high heat resistance being able to withstand temperatures of -70° to 450° F. The silicone in the belt creates excellent release properties.  The SR 25 high temperature belt should be used on a small diameter pulley.       

2. Multi-Temp Conveyor Belt

Multi-Temp Conveyor Belt- Sparks Belting

The Multi-Temp belt is made from a butyl rubber compound which give this belt it’s high temperature resistance. However, this belt is usually recommended for extreme low temperature applications where cold rooms or freezers are involved. The Multi-Temp conveyor belt can withstand temperatures ranging from -60°-300° F and is considered to be a step up from the SR 25 as it can be utilized on larger diameter pulleys.

3. Tev Tex Conveyor Belt

Tev Tex Conveyor Belt- Sparks Belting

The Tev Tex conveyor belt comes in a 2 ply as well as a 3 ply version and can withstand temperatures of 0°-250° F.  These belts are made out of a Buna-N rubber compound with a Teflon surface cover. The Teflon cover on the Tev Tex belts allows for superior release and easy cleaning of sticky products such as candy, glue, chemicals, and hot plastics. Do not use conveyors with scrapers or where pulleys cause the belt to severely back-bend as this can damage the Teflon.

These 3 specialty belts are designed for extreme temperature applications.