Abrasive Products

we, Umar Farooq Belting,are Importing and Wholesale a broad spectrum of industrial products. Our range encompasses different types of Grinding Wheels, Cutting Wheels, Velcro Disks, Flap Discs, Non Woven Polishing Wheels, Cylindrical Grinding Wheels, Coated Abrasives, and allied products. All these products align with international quality.


Product Range

Grinding Wheel   Scythe Sharpening Stone Bearing Grinding Wheel
Cutting Wheel Steel Ball Grinding Wheel Triangular Polishing Stone Regulating Wheel
Stainless Steel Cutting Wheel Cup Wheel Silicon Carbide Rubbing Brick Honing Stick
Fiber Disc Brown Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel Depressed Center Wheel Abrasive Belt
Velcro Disk Green Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel Honing Stick Taper Cup Wheel
Flap Disc Roll Grinding Wheel Robbing Brick Resin Cup Wheel
Rubbing Brick With Handle Sharpening Stone Sharpening Stone Cup Wheel,
Non Woven Polishing Wheel Silicon Carbide Sharpening Stone Flexible Grinding Wheel Crankshaft Grinding Wheel
Taper Cup Wheel Resin Bond Rubbing Brick Surface Grinding Wheel Cylindrical Grinding Wheel
Rubber Bonded Center less Grinding  Wheel Coated Abrasives Needle Grinding Wheel