PVC & PU & PVK & PE conveyor belt

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We can customize PVC & PU & PVK & PE conveyor belt according to your requirements 

ItemHeat Resistant Rough Top Portable Conveyer Belt with Best Price
ColorGreen, white, petrol green, black, grey, dark grey, dark green, sky blue, orange, yellow, transparent, etc
PatternSmooth, diamond, saw tooth, both way saw tooth, rough top, matt, squire rough top, stripe, dot, lozenge, checker, golf, wave rough top, herringbone, treadmill, mini-grip, crescent, tape, majiang, solid-woven, sort tooth, etc.
No. of Plies1ply, 2plies, 3plies, 4plies, and so on
Coating’s FeatureAntistatic, thicker, harder, deeper, softer, fire-resistant, oil-resitant, cold-resistant, etc.
Fabric’s FeatureFlexible, kevlai, felt, low-noise, jogger, cotton
Working Temperature-25/+80 ℃